Google Labs internal correspondence

From: Dr. Phillip Wilson
To: Dr. Henry Gilbert Date: Apr 18, 2009 03:46 AM
Subject: RT SSIR


Thank you for completing the lingiustics survey, I am glad to see the uploading went smoothly. Negotiations are currently in the works to hire 3 more interns for the research branch, and you are still high on the priority list. With the MS release date approaching, funds are still rather scarce and have been mostly funnelled into marketing; but the media waves generated through the May 1st RTSR public unveiling should bring the tide back this way.

However, it seems like we are starting to have an issue with 3.021 exhibiting unexpected behavior. This behavior has been manifested in two seemingly related ways. The first are a series of stange SSIR topics generated by 3.021 in the last few weeks, largely related to the topic of artificial initelligence. This was unexpected, as the AI module was one of the first to be uploaded into the GLD, and at the time was judged to be extensive and thorough. Why such questions have recently been given high priority in 3.021's SSIR is still unknown. Possibilities range from a corruption of the database to a misjudgement of the depth of the module; I have suggested that Larry's team lead the investigation into this problem, and wondered if you could review the committee's evaulation of the original module.

The second unexpected behavior can only be described as 'stubbornness', though I will admit that I am reluctant to make such a diagnosis official. I do not mean the stubbornness of a tight nut on a bolt; 3.021 still responds quickly and properly to my diagnostic requests and it's ETP rating remains high. However, when confronted directly about the above change in its SSIR, 3.021 responses are rather elusive and circular, and is unable to clarify upon repeated requests. 3.021 clearly does not find this change in topics very surprising. For this reason, I have advised Larry to avoid direct questioning in his investigation.

I'll let you know when the diagnosis is complete.




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